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Predicting the wind


The WindEYE emits two laser beams in a 60 degree angle 80 meters in front of the turbine, measuring the movements of aerosols in the air. With those measurements, the WindEYE ™ is able calculate the exact wind speed and wind direction of the oncoming wind, which allows the turbine to yaw accordingly before the wind reaches the turbine.



Gain more power


The application of the WindEYE™ and the WindTIMIZER™can optimize your turbine by correcting yaw misalignmentand potentially increase the AEP by 1-4%.'


The AEP increase provides a fast return of investment within 12 to 36 months, depending on local energy tariffs.The combined WindEYE™ LiDAR and WindTIMIZER™ solution ensures a constantly well-aligned turbine through dynamic correction of the turbine’s yaw-misalignment, by utilizing the continuous measurements from the WindEYE™ LiDAR.

Read more about the return of investment scenarios for the WindEYE ™ here.


A Durable and lightweight system

The WindEYE™ is both a compact and a lightweight system (only 24 kilograms) that is also very durable and easy to install.
The WindEYE™ is designed to endure the harsh environment of today’s wind turbines. Furthermore, the system is designed and tested in order to withstand lightning in the lightning zone0B. We have designed the system with a lifetime of 20 years and a minimum of maintenance requirements.
We aim to provide a relatively uncomplicated solution that is easy to install, use, and maintain, which will ultimately help you increase the energy output of wind turbines.




Precise measurements


The measurements of The WindEYE ™ has been tested with a met. mast at DTU(the former Risø) concerning the WindEYE's ™ ability to correctly measure wind speed and wind direction. The below plots shows the correlation between the met. mast and the WindEYE. Read the whole report here.


Wind Direction:




Wind Speed:





Protocol and Data


The general concept behind the WindEYE's ™ measurements is displayed in the below diagram:




The measurements and calculations will be collected and stored in an accessible ASCII format in accordance with the below protocols list:




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