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China Wind Power Expo 2017 - October 17-19. Booth B15 in Hall E1
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Windar Photonics at the Husum Wind Expo 2017
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Windar Photonics at AWEA WindPOWER 2017
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Our LiDAR system

Our wind sensor measures the wind using laser light. The principle known as LIDAR was invented  in the 1970s.


We have fine-tuned the technology and replaced expensive light sources with a much more affordable laser.



Predicting the wind

The wind speed and wind direction are measured accurately from the nacelle of the turbine, while the wind is still far away from the blades.


With these data the turbine is able to adapt to the oncoming wind in advance, which results in increased power production and a decrease in wear-and-tear on the wind turbine.

• Yaw optimization: 1-4% AEP          increase


• Load reduction: 10-14% 


• Appreciable ROI scenarios


• Control Integrated LiDAR


Gain more power

You can expect a 1% to 4% increase in power and at least 10-14 % less stress on the vital components of the wind turbine.


Depending on the price of power, your investment in the nacelle mounted LiDAR could pay for itself within 12 to 36 months.


In subsequent years, you can reap the economic benefits of the additional power production, decreased wear-and-tear and fewer stoppage days.


• No mechanical moving parts

• Very limited maintenance                required

• Easy handling and installation

• Light and compact system

• Durable design


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