About Windar Photonics

Windar Photonics is a globally leading supplier of cost-efficient nacelle LiDAR sensors for the wind energy industry.


Windar Photonics was started as a spin-offcompany from the DTU Risø research environment 2008, where the basic blue print for the cost efficient LiDAR technology was initially conceived in 2005.In 2014, Windar Photonics was established as a PLC in the UK, and listed on the Stock Exchange of London AIM in 2015.


Currently, Windar Photonics main seat is in Taastrup, near Copenhagen in Denmark, with additional well-established sales and technical representation in China. Moreover, Windar Photonics is making its LiDAR products available through a global network of distributors and agents. 





Jørgen Korsgaard

Chief Executive Officer

E-mail: jk@windarphotonics.com



Klaus Nielsen

Finance Manager

E-mail: kln@windarphotonics.com



Martin Rambusch

Chief Commercial Officer

E-mail: mr@windarphotonics.com