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We are the result of a bright idea

We aim to be the most preferred provider of cost efficient and reliable lidar systems for wind turbines.

We are customer focused and are always visible, available and in direct dialogue with our customers.

We will keep introducing the latest lidar technology for the wind industry at a very competitive price.

Windar Photonics A/S is a young, forward-looking spin-off company from the Risø DTU research environment. In 2005, a research scientist had a bright idea for how to make wind sensing with LIDAR better and less expensive.

WINDAR is a contraction of WIND and LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging).

This novel LIDAR architecture was developed through collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark and Photonics.

Three years later, a breakthrough came for a new system of measuring the wind accurately over long distances.

With a robust private equity fund behind it, Windar Photonics first saw the light of day in 2008. Since then, a team of innovative employees has joined the company, working to make wind turbines all over the world more effective.


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