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Return of Investment - it’s all about Asset Management


Electricity tariffs are constantly under pressure, and that challenges existing wind turbines to be as optimized and able to produce as much energy as possible. 


We at Windar Photonics understand this situation, and our aim is to take part in this efficiency increase, and to provide a solution that enables existing wind turbines to produce even more energy. 


A ROI, Return ofInvestment, between 1-4 years is a profitable investment that should appeal to any WPO and/or owner. Once you go above 4-4.5 years ROI

you have to further consider other benefits from the LIDAR system such as load and maintenance reduction.

In the below table you will find a conservative estimation of the ROI scenario for a 2-beam yaw optimization system according to both the capacity of the turbine and the degree of misalignment. The figures below are estimates not accounting for variations in electricity tariffs. Please contact Windar Photonics, if you want a more precise ROI estimation in relation to your assets and local tariffs.




Example of energy increase:


The following example uses data collected from a 3,6MW turbine during a two months measurement period, where wind data from SCADA was compared to the measurements from the WindEYE™.


Measurement showed a mean misalignment of 6 degrees and an absolute mean yaw misalignment of 9,8 degrees without the yaw algorithm and 4,7 degrees with the yaw algorithm.


During the two months period the energy increase was a total of 35MWh, if the WindEye™ data was used instead of the SCADA data, which equals an energy gain of 2,38%.


The calculated return of investment for the above project was 1,5 years.



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