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Windar Photonics offers different solutions relevant to wind turbine optimization. Below you will find a short description of each of our products. More information about the particular product can be found on their respective product pages.



WindEYE™ 2-Beam Optimization system

Lidar-based yaw-optimization solution intended for correcting yaw-misalignment.




Solution for integrating the WindEYE™ with the wind turbine controller to enable dynamic yaw misalignment correction.



Retrofit open-source control system

The retrofit control system is intended for aging assets, which integrates with the WindEYE™ and optimizes both the yawing and pitching of the turbine.



4-Beam Yaw and Pitch Optimization system

A 4-beam based LiDAR optimization system that is intended for integration with newer turbines, which offers optimization of both the yaw and pitch functions. 


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