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4-Beam Yaw and Pitch Optimization System


We are extremely excited to announce a new LiDAR-based optimization system, which will be utilizing four beams compared to our current two beam offering, though the new system is not intended as a replacement for our current LiDAR optimization system. Instead, the intention is to offer the system to wind park owners who are particularly interested in combining the yaw optimization of the 2-beam system with the improved pitch  optimization capabilities of the 4-beam system.

Precisely because of the four beams, the system is able to anticipate gusts and hence pitch accordingly with the purpose of further reducing damaging loads to the turbine and increasing energy production.

Mechanically speaking, the system will not deviate much from the weight and size of the current two beam offering, so it will remain as light and durable as ever with the added benefit of including more of the electrical systems within the LiDAR head itself, which will make it even easier to handle and install.

In the coming months we will release more information concerning the technical aspects and the mechanical design of the system.



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